Having sold my last Rolex Submariner, because I was not happy with the new styling, I needed a new watch. Years ago I had owned a SEIKO Kinetic when they first came out and I was very impressed with the accuracy. So I went back to the SEIKO line and found a diver's watch model SKA371 that looked promising as something for daily wear.

While shopping for my watch, we ran across the same watch but with a yellow face. SKA367, for some reason my wife decided she needed that one to keep from beating her Rolex up.

Although I was not a fan of the yellow face, I have to admit after a while it has grown on me. So I guess if the wife ever got tired of wearing it I could.

Here is a picture of the OEM band off the watch.

If you need to remove a link they are the push pin style. There is a pin and collar. To remove the pin push it through in the direction of the arrow. One side of the link has a small hole and the other side has a larger hole. Naturally the collar goes in the larger hole. Below is a picture of the link, pin and collar.

Although the links look like a three piece link they are a single piece of metal with the center being raised to help give the appearance of a three piece link.

The spring bars are rather large in diameter at 2.5mm in diameter.

And they are 23.5mm long. I measured it just a little longer at 23.77mm.

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