Having sold my last Rolex Submariner, because I was not happy with the new styling, I needed a new watch. Years ago I had owned a SEIKO Kinetic when they first came out and I was very impressed with the accuracy. So I went back to the SEIKO line and found a diver’s watch, SKA371, that looked promising as something for daily wear.

While shopping for my watch, we ran across the same watch but with a yellow face. SKA367, for some reason my wife decided she needed that one to keep from beating her Rolex up.

I found my watch slightly used on EBay for $165. Could not argue with the price and I could not find any cosmetic issue when I got it. I did not dislike the factory band but I was not a big fan of the push pin keepers used on the links. I found this retailer online, http://www.strapcode.com They had replacement bands for the SEIKO SK371, for around $50. And this band has the screws which I prefer. Also the links are slightly curved making it to me at least a little more comfortable.

This band had a single lock clasp and I liked the double lock. They sell the double lock separately. http://www.strapcode.com So the new band set me back like $80 with shipping.

So here are a few pictures of the watch with the replacement band and double clasp from strapcode.com.

Picture of the new band on the wrist

Mesuring the watch bezel

Measuring the watch PLUS the stem

Measuring the band width

Measuring the crystal

Measuring the band end link

Measuring the depth of the watch

Measuring the bezel insert width

Measuring the bezel insert width

Here is a picture of the OEM band next to the replacement band.

A view from the side.

Here is a picture of the OEM link, pin and collar.

Here is a picture of the replacement link and screw pin.

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