Seiko SNZF17J1

Recently I was looking at Seiko watches on EBay and came across a SNZF17J1 Spec wise, the watch was very respectable for a watch costing under $200.

  • Seiko 5 Sports Automatic SNZF17J1.
  • Hardlex Crystal Glass
  • Luminous Hands and Markers
  • Dial Size:45mm (including Crown) Bezel Diameter 41mm Depth:13mm Weight:166gr
  • Stainless Steel Case and See Through Back
  • Satin Stainless Steel Bracelet to fit up to 8.5inch wrist
  • Day & Date Display at the 3 O'clock position
  • Water resistance: 100M
  • One-Way Rotating Elapsed-Time Bezel
  • Double Flip Lock Clasp/Buckle Safety Clasp
  • Latest 23 Jewel Auto Movement 7S36

As just something to knock around it was very comfortable. At first glance the accuracey seemed extremely adequate and when I had it on my wrist the watch constantly was within a few seconds. Close enough that I did not bother to look up the rules to see which way to lay the watch at night to help achive a higher accuracy. (certain positions can slow up or speed up an automatic watch)

The only thing missing is the ability to manualy wnd the watch and the ability to stop the second hand when setting the time, commonly referred to as "hacking." BUT if had those features it would have been a $500 watch and not an under $200 watch. So for the money spent I am extrenely satisifed with the little Seiko. Below are a few pictures of the SNZF17J1.

What I like

For under $200 this is a lot of watch. The band is comfortable and easily adjustible. Pretty darn comfortable. If you need to remove links, they simply push in and out and are of the split type. Push them OUT against the arrows on the back of the link and insert them pointed end first with the direction of the arrow.

It is a fairly simple watch, it tells time the day of the week and the date. And yes so does my phone. But I like wearing a watch. The lumes are nice and are of a decent size, both the markers and hands. The see through back is nice but once you had watched the pendeum spin around a few times the novelty is gone. I really like the double clasp with the push pin release.

What I don't like

I would prefer a little more weight but it is what it is. I would prefer screws in the band lnks but at this price point that is not feasable. And the push pins work extremely well, hard to argue when it functions as well as it does.

I would really like a mechanical wind and hacking but that is an unfair complaint at this price range so forget I said that. I would have preferred the lines from 12 to 20 on the bezel were not there, in my mind it kinds of makes it seem unbalanced. But you get used to it. My biggest complaint and it probably is not really necessary but I wished it had a screw down crown. Naturally I would prefer screws instead of push pins but at this price range, this is what you get.

The SNZF17J1

The clasp

View from the side

The width including the stem came in at just over 45mm

The width of the case is right at 41mm

The diameter of the crystal measured at 31mm

From top to bottom of the case measured 48mm

The depth of the case including the bezel came in at 12mm

The band width measured 20mm

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