SONY A55 camera remote

Back in the 80's I purchased my first Minolta MAXXUM 7000 camera. Back then they had a Long and Short wired remote. Years later SONY bought out Minolta's SLR camera line but for the time being they kept the plug for the wired release. So if you had an older wired remote it would still work.

As demand for the wired remotes grew, new inexpensive wired remotes started appearing on ebay. Not long after the cheap remote appeared, you were able to buy a two piece wireless remote that utilized the same connecting plug. So it would work on your vintage MAXXUM or your newer SONY DSLR's. When SONY started making their ALPHA DSLR with a remote feature, cheap wireless remote transmitters were soon available on Ebay. I think I paid $2.13 for my wireless remote for my SONY A55 camera.

Below you can see the original Minolta MAXXUM short wired remote. Next we have the two piece, transmitter and receiver that worked on any of the Minolta's or SONY's that had the same connecting plug. And the last remote is the new transmitter. Even though it is not made by SONY it looks like it is.

I was able to get about 35 feet away and fire the shutter. For $2.00 it is a pretty nice accessary.

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