Pig Tails and Banana plugs

Recently I have been buying vintage stereo equipment. Back in the early 80's I worked as a service tech for a large stereo chain. Many hours were spent reviewing products from the different manufactures. At that time our top of the line was Harman Kardon. So I have been watching my local Craig's List for used and cheap vintage HK equipment. Along with the vintage HK equipment I had been picking up speakers here and there. I quickly found that it was a bit of a pain changing out the speaker connections with the different receivers.

Many receivers will accept banana plugs but I did not care for the traditional banana plugs because after one use they would become very loose. Looking through ebay I noticed they have a new designed banana plug that seems it allows more contact and would last longer.

These new plugs were made by Nakamichi and seemed to be very well constructed and reasonably priced.

That took care of the my speaker side connection for my DCM speakers and for my receivers that accepted the banana plugs but I also had some receivers that the banana plugs did not fit.

So I decided to get some banana plug posts and just solder a short length of speaker wire to the post and then attach the speaker wire to the receiver. This would allow me to have the flexibility of using the banana plug from the speaker cable for quick and easy connections.

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