Shaving with a Double Edge Safety Razor

After years of using an electric Norelco rotary razor I decided to try a Braun foil razor. For me the foil razor was not as good as the Norelco unless I was trying to shave every 8 hours. Every now and then I would use a cartridge razor, 3,4 or 5 blade who knows how many blades they were up to at the time. Anyway the cartridge razor did the job but left a lot to be desired. The shave was not that close and left my neck irritated and red. Not to mention I was only getting two shaves per blade at a cost of around $2.50 per shave.

Fast forward to one night I was channel surfing and saw Rick from Pawn Starws advertising a double Edge Safety razor. So I did some research and found that there has been a strong resurgence to people going away from the multi blade cartridge razors and switching back to the Double Edge Safety razors. After some research I ordered a cheap Twist To Open safety razor and decided to give it a try. My goal was to only change one thing at a time so I could see what the individual techniques were worth. So for my first DE shave I used my traditional Gel shaving cream. I had about 4 days of growth to shave off and I must admit, the shave was more comfortable and closer than I would have gotten with my cartridge razor set up with just one day of growth. Gone was the constant pulling and tugging at the hair and gone was the irritation. An application of shaving balm and the lack of stinging and burning confirmed my belief that the DE safety razor shave was a much more comfortable shave.

Then there is that little factor of cost. Current marketing practically gives you the latest cartridge razor holder away with the cost of a few blades, so yeah why not buy the newest and latest that is practically free, even if the blades are around $4 each? Course then you are pretty much stuck with the one manufacture and their pricing. Yes if you want you can go find some other manufactures online and get the price down quit a bit. BUT the DE safety blades can be had for around $.15 or less. My cartridge blade was only good for two haves and that second shave was pretty painful. Supposedly the DE blades are good for 6-8 shaves. So even if you only get two shaves out of the DE that would be a savings of $3.85 or a savings of $1.92 per shave. So any added expense for razor, shaving brush or whatever else you may require it will probably be paid for in the first year of savings on the cost of the blades alone. Plus you get that little added bonus of it being a more comfortable shave.

After shaving using an inexpensive safety razor and making sure that I did not cut my throat and bleed to death, I did some research and ended up ordering a Merkur Futur adjustable safety razor. I like the look and the feel of the razor. The weight is more to my liking and also it has the added feature of being adjustable.

My writing here is not to be the definitive collection on DE shaving instructions, just a quick confirmation that yes, the DE safety razors are defiantly worth taking a look at.

Below is the WEISHI Model 9306 that I bought just to try the Double Edge Safety Razor and to make sure I did not bleed to death while shaving.

Below is the Merkur Futur that I ordered after a couple of shaves using the Weishi 9306.

For now I am still getting used to using the Double Edge Safety Razor but already I can tell you it is much more comfortable than using my different electric razors or any of the cartridge razor blades. So I have settled on the Merkur Future razor and Astra razor blades. After a couple of months I plan on switching from the canned shaving cream to the mix your hown shaving cream and a brush.

Here are the two razors side by side to compare

Update: While expermenting with different techniques in using the DE safety razor I happened upon the proess of using some type of oil instead of shaving cream. For me the ability to see what I am doing and the lubrication process of the oil it has so far resulted in the most comfortable and closest shave for me. I had been using the "Astra" razor blades and tried some "Derby" blades while trying out the oil. So far, it has resulted in the best shave so far. Basically there are probably thousands and thousands of different combinations of different products and techniques to using the DE safety razor. If you keep trying different combinations I am pretty sure you can eventually find one that will work for you.

Here is the oil I tried. I will continue in the direction of different oils instead of the Soaps or Creams.

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